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As another year draws to a close...

I just want to say again how incredibly grateful I am to any of you reading this post. A huge thank you for following my music, and my career, supporting me and my music and patiently awaiting my upcoming EP.

This time of year is always a mixed bag of emotions... people are overjoyed to see their families, eat lots of food, see friends, and other people, feel quite the opposite. But all in all it is an opportunity to look back and reflect on the year just gone.

I have released three singles this year and am so grateful to have had such great feedback and interest from these different songs. I started the year by releasing 'My Buoy' which was chosen as a Fresh Fave and played by Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 Music Introducing show and his mixtape. This was a great start to the year and was a real boost to be played by BBC 6. As well as achieving national radio play, I also pulled together an amazing team and created a music video I am really proud of. (I have written a post about this before, so won't bore you, but feel free to go back and check it out).

Following this, I released 'Distance' and I just want to say a special thanks to BBC Introducing in Oxford and Nightshift magazine for their support of Distance, and placing it as one of their Tracks Of The Year. Their support this year has been so amazing and I truly appreciate it. It's so nice to feel included in the 'scene' and among so many other amazing artists.

Finally I released Drown Me Out, which is possibly now one of my favourite songs to date. It was a tough process getting the song to where we wanted it to be, but with some experimentation and a little help from some friends (thanks Freddie trumpet extraordinaire) it came together in the end! It was picked again as a Fresh Fave which I was really chuffed by as I didn't think I would make the final list, as there are always so many great tracks on the Fresh On The Net playlist, but was great again for my song to be recognised and to sit among such other beautiful tracks.

As well as recording and releasing these singles, I have been recording the other tracks for the EP and playing lots of shows all across the country. I seem to make a habit of taking on quite a lot, even so much as 2/3 shows in a night which is maybe not always the best idea, but I like to keep busy! I have done quite a few Sofar shows this year which are truly magical, and prove that people do still care about live music and are willing to come out on a week night and listen to humans share their souls through music. A extra special thank you to Ruth, who is an angel and has truly helped me in carrying on playing across the country this year, so thank you. Also, if you haven't been to a Sofar Sounds show yet, I HUGELY recommend it!

Back in the summer I had the opportunity to join a bunch of talented songwriters at Chris Difford's songwriting retreat. I spent a week with incredibly inspiring artists, collaborating on new songs, making friends and instigating new projects. It was a magical week, a lot of hard work, and pushed me quite far outside of my comfort zone, but overall I am truly grateful for the experience and will treasure the songs, friendships and experience forever.

As well as playing lots of shows, meeting wonderful people, travelling across the country and writing and recording music I also took it upon myself to put on my own Christmas show this December. Amongst lots of wonderful musical friends, with a little help from an incredible boyfriend and a wonderful family the show was a true success, so I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along, bought a ticket and took a chance on an evening of live music. It was a lot of hard work, (more than maybe I had quite anticipated), but all in all everything went so well and I want to say a huge thank yo to all the incredible artists, my wonderful friends for coming along and playing, and showing strangers that live music is very much still alive.

Other highlights of the year include, supporting Rae Morris, joining ZURICH to headline the riverside stage at Cornbury Music Festival, visiting Berlin in the snow, and of course my brother marrying the love of his life!

In other news, I am currently at home in bed with the Flu... a great way to end the year, but I think it is largely a case of giving myself a 'week off' and my body seizing the opportunity for ultimate rest. It is also giving me the chance to catch up on some (boring) admin and emails and the chance to write this post!!!

So I want to say thank you so much to all of you, for keeping me going, for listening to my songs, for coming out to shows, buying tickets, merchandise and most importantly sparing your time! Thank you so much, because without you, it would be a lot less fun and fulfilling.

I hope that 2019 brings you good fortune in whatever form that takes, I hope that happiness and health follow you and that you get to enjoy lots of new music in the New Year!!!


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