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A little about The Calm & The Storm...

It was so hard to choose how best to visually represent the album and I took a lot of time figuring out what was right for me. The front image was taken by Tess Viera Photography at Minster Lovell in Oxfordshire, a beautiful old site with ruins from the 15th century hall. I love the contrast of the new and old, the jagged structure and soft wilderness, and felt that this showed the juxtaposition of the album title The Calm & The Storm.

Thinking along the same lines of this theme of contrast, I loved the deep dark tones of the black and white photograph, but I wanted to add to the light element, and felt like my album needed to speak a little more. So I enlisted the help of Tom Foley Art to listen to my album and put those sounds to canvas. I was so pleased when he agreed and created multiple brilliant pieces to choose from. I'm sure you'll agree, once you've had a listen, that he's captured it perfectly, and I am so grateful for his contribution towards The Calm & The Storm.

I want to say a huge thank you to my brilliant band Adrian, Chris, Bee, and Ruth for joining me on this musical adventure and especially to Adrian for helping bring these ideas to life. I also want to say thanks to Gary Stevenson for recording the album.

An extra special thanks goes to the music man Jim Sellick, who is such a pillar of the UK music community, supporting independent artists and bringing people over from the US and Europe, and without him, this album wouldn't have been made, so thank you Jim!

Happy listening guys, I hope you like it! 🎶


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