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Drown Me Out

My new single is out today and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you. I wrote this song last year, and the words and ideas grew out of the whole Brexit catastrophe followed by the US’ peril and then finally the positivity of the #metoo movement came along. Everyday it seemed to be getting more relevant, and I felt like the song was growing in traction in itself, and with people who heard it, which resulted in the recording process becoming slightly more difficult than first anticipated.

Because my friends and family and fans had expressed that they really loved this song, I wanted to do it justice and record and portray it in the right way. When I had been performing the song live I had done so acoustically, with lots of stops for effect and although that had its own charm, I needed something ‘better’ on record. I was working with the wonderful Adrian of Banks | Audio | Theatre, and we decided on producing a ‘rockier’ version with an electric guitar solo at the end, which was cool and added a whole new element to the song, and definitely worked well with the aggression of the song, but something just wasn’t quite right.

So we thought long and hard about what may be the right angle. We listened to lots of music for inspiration, tried out a few different things, then decided that maybe we should try using trumpets. We had this little melody line that we thought could work well with an off-beat trumpet playing along and then coming in to bolster the chorus. We luckily have a very talented friend called Freddie Whitmore, who is also a brilliant guitarist, so we asked him to come into the studio and try out our new idea. It’s so wonderful to know so many talented wonderful people who are passionate about music and creating new things and working together. Freddie was exactly what we needed. The trumpet worked so well amongst everything else and brought the whole song together, offering a new dynamic and making the overall feel just ‘right’.

So this song is a bit like Ronseal, it’s all laid out there for you. It’s a stance for justice, for not being pushed aside, for taking responsibility, for speaking up, for empathy and for unity. Blah blah blah maybe I’m overdoing it but that’s what it means for me. If it means something different to you, then that’s what music is all about. I hope you like it and I hope it brings a little bit of power to you if you sing along, and if it doesn’t, maybe try Frank Turner…

Thanks for listening!

You can buy the single here on my website on the 'store' page, or you can listen on iTunes, spotify, apple music, deezer, amazon, and Google Play.

M x

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