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The Calm and The StormDolly Mavies
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Indie / Folk / Alternative / Rock

Sounds Like

Florence & The Machine, Daughter, First Aid Kit

Short Bio

When Dolly Mavies steps onto the stage, it's not merely a performance; it's an experience. Her live shows are a testament to the power of music to move the soul. She effortlessly transitions from soul-stirring ballads that tug at the heartstrings to foot-tapping anthems that ignite the spirit. Every song is a journey, and every note is an invitation to explore the depth of human emotion.


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You can hear quality as soon as she starts. She has a beautiful essence to her vocal, a natural energy, it's not forced in any way, it feels so heartfelt and genuine and quite a personal touch

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Beneath Oxfordshire's starry skies on the echoes of South Wales, Dolly Mavies serenades under a harvest moon, weaving tales of life's mysteries. Her melodies enchant the soul, and her lyrics deliver a visceral punch. 'The Calm and The Storm,' her eagerly awaited debut album, has garnered critical acclaim and secured support from BBC Introducing, BBC 6 Music as one of Tom Robinson's favourites, and Absolute Radio as Artist of the month.


Channeling a timeless quality, her music is like an old friend - familiar and reassuring, yet brutally honest and unexpected. With authenticity and a natural energy, she effortlessly navigates from fiery rock passion to gentle folky lullabies, each note resonating with heartfelt sincerity.


Joined by her exceptional band, when they step onto the stage, it's not merely a performance; it's an experience. Her music moves the soul, blurring eras and genres with heart-wrenching lyrics and foot stomping, spirit-igniting anthems.

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Whispering Bob Harris

"We love what she is doing!"

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Tom Robinson

"One of my favourites. Breathtakingly atmospheric"

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